Glide smoothly with no wind

eFoil Lessons & Rental


eFoiling has become the new hype at many spots around the world and we totally get why! As watersports enthusiasts, we want to maximize the time we spend on the water. Even though the wind and wave conditions in El Médano are quite consistent, we still get days with light wind and little to no waves. Normally we would not be able to foil when there is no wind, but now we go for an effortless cruise around the bay on our latest toy - the Lift eFoil! The ideal eFoiling conditions, especially for learners, are on flat water with less than 10 knots of wind and waves smaller than 0,5 m. In El Médano, you will find these conditions especially in the morning.

The eFoil is a fun toy for everyone! It is easy to learn and ride, with multiple settings to allow different riders to take it easy or to take full advantage of the eFoil's maximum speed and agility settings. Come give it a try! We promise you will have an amazing experience riding!

Beginner eFoil Lesson

  • We usually start the lesson at the center and explain how to assemble and disassemble the eFoil. We also take you through the important safety guidelines.
  • In the next step we teach you how to get on the board, how to lie down and how to shift your weight. We do all this on a board on the grass, so you are best prepared when hitting the water. You will also learn where to kneel, how to stand up and where to position your feet once you stood up.
  • As soon as we have all the beach part done, we continue explaining the functions of the remote control and how to get started. 
  • Now it is time to get in the water! You will start lying down on the board with the lowest speed setting, soon you will be able to kneel on the board and finally stand up and enjoy the full ride in a standing position.




For the first time renting with us, one session with the instructor for supervision is obligatory. Once we are sure you know how to use the efoil boards you can grab the board anytime you like!


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LIFT e-foilboards

Efoil boards
Efoil boards Available sizes: 4'9", 5'4", 5'9"
Full range battery with up to 2,5 hours of flying time
Efoil boards
Foils Available sizes: 150, 200, 300